Sunday, January 11, 2015

What I know for sure

Today is day 11 and I am pretty pleased that I've made it this far. We'll see how easy it is tomorrow when I have to go to a networking / learning lunch where they are serving, well, lunch. I don't know if it's a buffet or if they will have set courses, but I know there hasn't been a form or anything for me to fill out about "dietary requirements". And, even if there was, I don't know if I would have filled it out, because, although I maybe eating a vegan diet, I'm not sure I wanna be that person. You know, the one with all the dietary requirements. I figure I probably better eat a bit before I go and just hope that they aren't serving animal or dairy with every course, or that there's something on the buffet that I can snack on so I'm not drawing any unnecessary attention to myself or my plate. Man, do all vegans have to worry about this kind of thing?!

So anyway, I titled this post "what I know for sure", because at 11 days into this thing, I don't really feel like I'm any closer to answers about what I'm truly supposed to be eating. I mean, not to be vegan, just to be... um... in perfect health, I guess! Because I've spent the last few days (ok, not entirely by any stretch), but a few hours of the last few days, trying to read a lot of conflicting research about what you're supposed to eat. I've included the different sites in my "references" tab, and I haven't really nailed down exactly what people are saying, because people are saying different things!

For example, people who eat paleo (like cavemen), say that any grains are bad. They don't care if they are whole or not, just grains in general are bad so don't eat 'em. The reason they say not to eat them is because allegedly (isn't that what you're supposed to say when the evidence hasn't completely proven guilt?!), allegedly grains bump up against your digestive tract and make a mucus'y substance and release enzymes that aren't supposed to be released (that's the uber scientific version, you realize). But then on the flip side, others say you are supposed to eat grains (albeit WHOLE grains), because that "film" that develops is what helps keep your blood sugar from spiking and protects your liver! So... WHICH IS IT?! To grain, or not to grain!! I just don't know yet.

So... I'm going to keep reading. I will say that no one is suggesting that you eat more sugar. And no one is suggesting that you eat more refined carbohydrates. Everyone suggests that it's good to eat more green vegetables. So at least there's that.


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