Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Vegan vs Plant-Based Vs "Plant-Strong"

There's been a lot of hype lately about fast food restaurants offering vegan options on their menus. (Chipotle in particular.) YAAAY! I'm all for that. Particularly because I've been to a few networking functions lately where the entree choices were "beef, chicken or fish", which isn't particularly vegan (or even vegetarian!) friendly. I've made it work, though. I've picked cheese off of salads and asked for vegetable plates, but I haven't been that person who asks a million questions about how they cooked those tasty vegetables or mashed potatoes. Cause you can almost bet $100 that there's butter in them there 'taters.  And I just don't want to know. The point is that it has made me more sympathetic to the vegan / vegetarian plight when it comes to eating away from home.

So anyway, I've been following "Engine 2 Diet" on Facebook. They made a comment about all this fast food vegan malarky and gently reminded their followers that the options at fast food restaurants aren't "Plant Strong". I thought... "WHAT?!! How can a burrito with brown rice, beans, no cheese and loads of guac and veggies NOT be plant-strong?!?"  Well, it turns out that "plant-strong" isn't the same as "vegan" or "plant-based". The way I see it, vegan and plant-based are the same thing. "Plant-strong" is Engine 2's definition of a diet that is not only vegan, but it also cuts out things like any oil or salt. So.... it's basically HEALTHY-vegan rather than just "vegan". All of this just makes my head spin anyway. I'm feeling like I must be eating too many grains. Every meal I've eaten lately has probably had some sort of grain in it. Whole, of course, but still a grain. I think there's some changing and revamping that I need to do here. And don't even get me started about sugar. I KNOW that is the devil. D.E.V.I.L.

In the meantime, I'm still contemplating how I'll eat in California. It's only about 30 days into my 90-day experiment, and although I think it would be easy to fall waaaaaaay off the wagon while on holiday, I'm going to really try to keep it up. I'm not going to get picky about whether or not there's egg in my bread, but I am going to hold off on eating dairy or meat. If I can do that, I'll feel it will have been a good success! Just don't put me near a plate of bacon at breakfast....

So in the meantime, there's a glass of wine waiting for me!


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