Monday, December 29, 2014

What I'm going to eat

I've been looking through lots of vegan cookbooks. Lots of tasty recipes! I've decided that I'm not going to eat all the fake foods that some vegans may eat... like tofurkey, "meat crumbles", dairy-free cheese and things like "veganaise". All these things don't seem like real food to me. I don't think processed food is good for you anyway, let alone something that is processed enough to look like meat when it clearly isn't. It makes me think of chicken nuggets that are shaped into circus animals or something. Not appetizing and I imagine so many hands and machines on those things that it is about as far away from the real thing as going to Vegas and saying you've been to Paris because you visited the Eiffel Tower there. Just. not. the. same.

So... these vegan cookbooks are pretty good. I've included a few in my resources section, as well as some of the books that have inspired me to adopt the vegan diet. My plan is to eat real food, mostly plants, only whole grains and very limited processed food. I don't think I'll spend hours making my own nut butters, although I may try it a few times. And I'm probably not going to be juicing because I think that although it may get you some vitamins and minerals, it leaves out the fiber which I think is pretty important too.

It's only about 2 more days now... eeks. I'm actually nervous. How weird is that? I've scheduled a blood test today. Why? Because I want to see if eating a vegan diet does anything to my numbers. I'm assuming it will... I just wonder how much. I'm going to be exercising a bit more as well, so it's not like I can completely say that adopting a vegan diet will be the cause of any change in the numbers, but I just want to see what effect these changes have. If I don't lose much weight, I wanna know that things are changing on the inside, because if they aren't changing on the inside then what am I doing it for?! So we'll see. My plan is to have the blood work done now and then again at the end of my 90-ish day 'experiment'. We'll see how it goes. I need to figure out what I'm going to do for my exercise... maybe just starting off walking a bit. I was doing P90X3 for awhile and then just kind-of lost my mojo on that after I got sick at Thanksgiving. I definitely should have picked it back up but I haven't yet. Hmmm... more thought required on that one.

In the meantime, I'm still busily eating all the meat and dairy in the house. I don't want these things to go to waste, but it seems counterintuitive to why I'm actually adopting the diet in the first place! I guess a few more days after 40 years of eating animal products probably won't make much difference. Well... it probably does, I'm just telling myself the lie to make myself feel better. (Isn't it obvious?!)  Anyway, it will be a good change and I'm looking forward to the adventure!


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